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On this website we want to show you our offer to support your professional efforts to personnel planning, work force management and remuneration consulting. Due to changes in external regulations, changes in your business or the ongoing battle for efficiency and better working conditions all three fields of work have to be adjusted from time to time.

Our software and consulting services support your fact based, data driven decision making. We give you an instant, clear view on your options and help you to make good decisions fast.

But not only the facts count. Changes in the professional and therefore also in the private environment of all coworkers can spark all kind of reactions. We pride our self to manage this change process with a  steady hand, a fair approach and a wide spectrum of experience, methods and tools.

We are proud that our reputation in the market is, that we are trying to build bridges. Bridges between economic requirements, labor law, ergonomics and last not least - needs and wishes of you co-workers. Our projects have succeeded if all parties can at least live with the new situation. Or if it was even possible to find the literal win-win. We think, the lawn-mower approach is not suitable to achieve such results, therefore you will not find it in our toolbox.  

We hope you find heaps of useful information - and some fun. If there are any questions, we would love to hear from you.

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your XIMES team