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Time Intelligence by XIMES

XIMES offers software and consulting services regarding workforce/working hours issues. Our clients profit either by buying our self-developed software or from our competent specialist- and process- consulting services.

XIMES-consultants work on issues relating to the topic of workforce/working hours on a daily basis, for clients in a wide variety of industries.  They apply XIMES-software as a tool to successfully tackle a diverse set of challenges.

Our high specialization and use of the tested combination of software and consulting services give us a particularly unique, specialized knowledge in the area of workforce/working hours management, and also train internal workforce/working hours managers.  This permits us to support cutting-edge enterprises on their path to a successful future.

XIMES was founded in 1997 by Johannes Gärtner und Sabine Wahl, and has offices in Vienna and Erlangen. See HISTORY.

In addition, XIMES works with international partners in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.  See PARTNERS.