• Déhora, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The Déhora Consultancy Group was established in 1987 and is market leader in the field of planning and scheduling. With our focus on the factor time we offer a composed palette of products and services among which are consultancy, interim, training, research and software.

Déhora Consultancy Group advises organisations in all sectors in the Netherlands and Belgium in the field of planning and scheduling. Our clients ask us for advise about strategic application of labour in time, the arrangement of their organisation and the improvement of planning.


Déhora carries out solutions for planning issues. It’s crucial that companies have competent  employees at the right moment. Our consultants are, amongst other things, specialised experts in modern labour management and support of labour agreement negotiations.

Déhora disposes competent planners, planning coordinators and schedule designers. In times of personnel shortage they can take over the planning totally of partially. Our planning professionals can identify problems, analyse and solve them systematically.
Especially for the training of planners, Déhora set up Planners Academy. Two main courses of the academy are “Basic Staff Planner” and the continuation course “Certified Staff Planner”.
Independent, application oriented and objective. We supply tailor-made research to our customers, but also for Déhora itself. We use several research methods. In addition to tailor- made research we dispose several measurement instruments.

The Software division supplies software solutions for your planning issues and also implements them in your organisation. Besides that we develop software applications in-house, for example the Working Time Evaluator. With this innovative product you can evaluate schedules on the current Labour Inspectorate ánd the upcoming simplified Labour Inspectorate directly from Excel.

XIMES and Déhora co-operate for many years in the fields of knowledge and tools development. Déhora is a registered distributor of XIMES software in the Benelux. Because of this co-operation Déhora and XIMES are more able to serve our international customers.