• IBG, Vienna

IBG Institut für humanökologische Unternehmensführung

Securing Working Capacity as the Basis for Commercial Success

Executives are increasingly becoming managers of their workforce’s working capacity. At the same time, health as a company value is gaining in importance. The central theme of IBG’s executive training courses is the responsibility of executives to create an environment that permits employees to work efficiently and therefore healthily and productively.

The Human Work Index is used to pinpoint where and what kind of changes are necessary in order to optimize conditions at a company. In the end, everybody wins: owners and managers by way of commercial success and employees through satisfaction with and joy in their work, as well as through a long-term commitment to the company.

“We see businesses as productive, social systems,” Rudolf Karazman, IBG-partner, explains. “The crux of our task is the health-factor of personal productivity as path, goal and result of an enduring business- and personnel-development.”