• Inform, Aachen


INFORM specialises in IT systems for the optimised planning and control of business processes. They are based on advanced decision support technologies including techniques from Operations Research and computational intelligence, especially Fuzzy Logic. Complementing existing administrative IT solutions, these optimisation systems are applied to business operations where situation responsive, high quality decision making under time pressure is essential in order to boost productivity.

The differentiating factor between ‘classic’ administrative software and this new breed of ‘add-on’ optimisation systems is their capability to automatically create work sequences, job schedules, resource allocations, etc. which minimise operational costs while maximizing customer service. Their financial return on investment is typically well within 12 months after go-live.

Instead of addressing strategic issues (e.g. the design of entire supply chains), INFORM’s focus is tactical planning and control (e.g. what materials should be ordered in which quantities, from which supplier, into which site, at what time – taking into consideration long-term policies, all available data and information, and estimates to cover unknowns).

Rather than merely providing software, INFORM is strongly committed to turn-key customer project support. Hence, application consultancy and go-live assistance are integral parts of every solutions offer, as well as long-term maintenance and support..