• Interflex, Erlangen/Stuttgart


The name of our business represents innovation developed from tradition: Interflex Datensysteme GmbH & Co. KG has been developing, producing and distributing combined soft- and hardware-systems for time management, time tracking, security and access control from its headquarters in Stuttgart since 1976.

Our portfolio includes everything from access control using biometrics or contact-less identification of identification cards to time management, personnel assignment-planning, and web-based Employee Self Services (ESS), as well as automated production data acquisition. In short: Interflex offers real, complete solutions from a single source.

Our goal is to continuously create new company assets based on solid core values. Interflex banks on forceful, consistent quality management, on intensive dialogue with clients and on investments that are both sound and future-oriented – on the employees’ know-how and the development of products that turn current technologies into security – and time-management solutions tailored to suit market needs.