• Customer Benefit

Guidance in difficult project situations

You are facing a big challenge with your working time project ahead or with a upcoming change in the remuneration system?

  • You want an innovative working time system and/or a remuneration system that is accepted in the workforce
  • You know already upfront that deep cuts have to be made?
  • You want to involve your staff in the change and implementation process?
  • The cooperation with your work council is not running smooth?
  • You want to continuously improve working time management?
  • Your remuneration system needs to be monitored?

With the help of our experienced consultants you benefit by:

  • Reducing resistance against change and set the focus on solving problems
  • Easing the implementation of working time and/or remuneration systems
  • Utilizing your available data and figures to work fact based and data driven
  • Open, quick and focused comminication to reduce/avoid misunderstandings and rumors 
  • Building bridges to finding compromises and mutually accepted solutions