• Efficiency and Quality

Time as a driver for cost

Costs and quality are strongly tied to working hours.  Working hours are a main, in personnel-intensive organizations, even the most significant expense factor. 

The working conditions created by the arrangement of working hours in turn influence the motivation of employees, as well as the cost-influencing factors of sick leave and personnel turnover. At the same time, work performed at the right time determines the quality of production or of services (“right performance at the right time”).

Looking into time provides the perfect opportunity for reviewing demand (What does the organization do at what time with how many people of what qualification? With what workflow (How?), what benefits (Why do we do certain things?) and how is the distribution of benefits and burden (Who?).

An organization not familiar with its time needs and its usages of time does not know what it is doing. Time is therefore not just power (leadership and organization) and money (budgeting and control), but also a central planning- and steering-device for organizations.