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Change Management: How to make working time projects work

Efficient project management is just as important as clean meeting memos and well prepared agendas of meetings. 

Our standard way of working is to develop the mutually agreed memos of the meeting IN the meeting. What you see is what you get - no surprises, only open cards. One of our highest values is prompt and complete documents that can be used to built on at the next working stage.

During initial and particularly critical phases of a project we usually work in teams. This enables for "careful listening" and "comprehensive documentation" at the same time.

With the tools [OPA] and [SPA] we help you to identify the necessary "hardfacts" for the calculation of work force requirements and the subsequent design of the duty roster. Our change management services support the "softfacts" of the implementation:

They are not only securing the aceptance of new working time solutions but additionally the effect of its concepts.

How we are supporting you with change management services:

Each project leader must also be able to sell the consequences and changes in the organization connected with his project topic. XIMES' consulting incorporates the competence from numerous working time projects. Our educated Consultants with change management qualification acquire with you:


  • a communication and participation concept for your working time project and the subsequently results and consequences for the employees as well as
  • a training and coaching offer for your managment and project leaders to guide change managment processes.
  • the transition process from each single working time project to a continuously working time management and
  • an effective and efficient XX and controlling for a longterm and sustainable solution.