• Blue Light

Bridging the gaps between response time and budgetary restraints on head counts and overtime.

Due to limited budgets and regularly cost-cutting measures in almost any area it has become more and more important to use the sparse human resources in an optimal way.

Many blue light organizations have established "Controlling" and/or "Quality Management" on a very high level to ensure the data driven creation of strategies and their tactical and operational implementation.

Two main points are central: Optimizing of the overall use of resources as well as assigning the staff based on demand. In practice there may be much resistance here from the general public or the own staff - it may come to overload, endangerment of work capability ... etc.

XIMES supports not only the analysis but also the design and implementation of demand-orientated staffing.

  • We are experienced in the analysis and identification of potentials for an efficient staffing (major and strictly confidential business cases in Europe and the U.S.A).
  • With Process Evolution we have an innovative and well established software partner in the areas of workload statistics, coverage and service levels.
  • In some countries highly experienced (often former) senior managers from blue light organisations contribute their expertise.
  • We have currently developed "the" best forecasting algorithms for the control of response-centers.
  • Last, but not least, our tools for demand-orientated working time management support you to argue on data-based level - and our unique approach for the balance of interests improves the chances to implement a stable working time solution.

In the menu item on the right you find a presentation from our partner process evolution - specialised in the support of blue light organisations - with case studies and experiences.