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Health Care Industries

Working in the health care sector requires even more flexibility and personal commitment from the employees. They work at times when most others do not and the tasks require fullest attention as even slight negligence and errors can have (literally) fatal consequences.

Competition is growing and budgets are often cut simultanously. Successful companies and organisations in that area have to meet the following goals:

  • constant improvement of quality of service,
  • optimized balance between personnel requirements and personnel deployment,
  • increased skill levels of the staff, and (of course)
  • reduction of costs.

Organizations in the health care field can obtain these goals only with highly motivated people. It is of utmost importance to manage the often contradictory interests of all involved groups - organizations, employees, and the clients.

Customer orientation, satisfied employees, and produktivity are the main criteria of good planning of working time. Legal and contractual prerequisites have to be met as well as internal and external aspects of remuneration. And still there are additional requirements that influence the design and planning of working time, such as:

  • Part time employees,
  • Personnel needs at unfavorable times, split shifts,
  • Internal meetings and necessary overlapping times (eg for the transfer of information),
  • Continuity of medical attendance and care (individual and/or in groups),
  • Qualitiy management goals, or
  • Requirements for special qualifications.

It is because of the high complexity of these requirements and aspects that many companies and organizations in the health care industry rely on XIMES' consulting services and our tailor-made software solutions.