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Production Industry

To be successful in the production industry is a permanent hard job, especially in an era of global competition. Companies have to optimize their production methods and personnel deployment towards:

  •  Customer needs an wishes,
  •  Flexibility,
  •  Productivity, and
  •  Cost reduction.

Modern companies can reach these goals with highly trained employees only who are willing and capable to learn permanently and to develop together with their organization.

In factories and production facilities different shift rotas can be found, depending on different production processes and fields of activation. Internal service providers become more and more important and they have to be planned, too.

Rota planners are faced with an ever increasing compexity of their work that has to take into account: 

  •  Changes of operating times and working time,
  •  Planning of yearly working time,
  •  Increased flexibility needs, and of course
  •  Costs.

More and more producing companies rely on XIMES' forward-looking consulting services and modern software solutions.