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The new challenges in (retail) trade

The deregulatin of opening hours during the past years led to some sort of pressure on the personnel planners. What could have been handled with simple "9 to 5 plans" needs a much more sophicticated approach now. Service level and the positioning in a competitive environment can make a difference. Parallel chains of distribution (on-line and off-line) need to be balanced and managed. The impact on operations leads to call centers for service and sales, branded shops, and require an even more flexible availability of the staff.

Leading retailers and system providers do not control their business by sales tickets only. Nowadays it is social media, customer frequency, skimming rations, basket-sizes, etc. that ensure good yields on space and channel productivity. One of the key inputs but also one of the biggest cost drivers is a staff with the right qualification that is deployed just when it is needed. 

XIMES concentrated in the last years on forecasting of customer frequency, yields on space, and staffing levels of service points. Complex statistical methods may sound complicated but with our help they are easy to use and well worth the money.

Besides "classic" duty roster planning we have developed for our customers taylor-made highly specialized forecasting approaches and computer models but also sensor based methods for queue management and customer flow analysis.