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Customer Orientation is the key factor for success in service industries. Only with highly motivated employees can this success be achieved.

The emphasis of personnel planning in the services industry therefore is on

  • maximized flexibility and customer orientation,
  • fulfilled and highly qualified employees, and
  • reduction of costs.

Despite high personnel costs and tough economic environments it is often advisable not to cut wages or fringe benefits for the staff. The solution is rather to deploy your personnel selectively which often is beneficiary for both the customers and the company (and its employees).

Company success is ensured by such a targeted personnel planning respecting the needs of the employees. This requires many diverse issues to be taken into account, such as:

  • Specification of service levels and minimum and maximum staffing levels,
  • Mix of part time and full time staff,
  • Fair and just duty rosters at all times,
  • Time for training and professional development,
  • Specification for skill requirements,
  • Customer behavior, and/or
  • Quality goals.

Workload data is available in most service oriented companies: caller statistics in call-centers, stock movements in logistics companies, or cash desk transactions in retail companies. XIMES' software solutions can ease the process of data interpretation and transform them to a valuable source for decisions in personnel planning.