• Transportation

Working Times In The Transportation Sector

Working times in the transportation sector are often the perfected art of planning. The spatio-temporal level (eg. where to change the driver, traffic, means of transportation), legal aspects, security regulations (eg. breaks), planning of the vehicles and their utilization, and qualification requirements do need thorough planning and call for specific solutions. 

In addition to that we see different cultures (also in respect to what is seen as "good" and "not so good" working times), we see massive overtime and very early or very late working times. As a service oriented industry transportation also faces high fluctuations in demand. 

XIMES successfully implemented many projects in the transportation sector and has a vast experience in nearly all fields:

  • Metropolitan public transport,
  • Passengers on rail,
  • Freight on rail,
  • Trucking,
  • Aviation.

We have been working domestically and on four continents.