• Time Intelligence Solutions [TIS]

Recognise what You Know: a Universal Tool Called [TIS]

Your company’s data is sometimes a hidden treasure. Often, you are not aware of all that you know. This can lead to decisions being made on the basis of vague assumptions and inflexible routines.

XIMES' Time Intelligence Solutions – [TIS] for short – not only perks up your valuable data, it also provides you with a sound basis for your working time management.

[TIS] is an intelligent universal tool for forecasting, calculating workforce requirements and controlling the required level of staff.

On the following pages, you can find out more about the functionalities and business solutions of [TIS], features, and the system requirements and interfaces. You can also arrange for an online presentation.
All this can also be found in the [TIS] Workbook, which you can either download or order in print format.

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