• Updates for [SPA]

Updates for [SPA]

To access these updates you will need the access that have been sent to you when buying.

Updates for [SPA] 7.1

[SPA]-Update 7.1.54  from 22.06.2016)

[SPA]-Update 7.1.45 (from 14.07.2015)

[SPA]-Update 7.1 (from 18.10.2013)

Find more Infos about Update here.

Updates for [SPA] 7.0

[SPA]-Update 7.0.54 (from 4.4.2013, ca. 4600 KB)

Updates for [SPA] 6.5

[SPA]-Update 6.5.16 (from 05.11.2008, ca.3.800 KB)
[SPA]-Update 6.5.8
(from 16.11.2007, ca.3.800 KB)

For all customers who have Updatecontracts until 30.06.2008.
Find Infos about the Update here.