Piecework and premium wages 

How sustainable are these models...?

Incentive wages on the test bench

"The piecework rate is a model from yesterday! - How do we get rid of it...?"

"piecework - ? That doesn't fit at all to our today's production organization!"

"Our chord rates are long outdated - many things are no longer true...!"

Similar statements can be heard more and more often and sometimes the impression can arise that piecework wages have long been a thing of the past and many companies are opting out of piecework wages. Nevertheless, they still live on in a surprisingly large number of production companies - above all because it is not so easy to find alternatives... and simply "painting" is not possible!

Are premium systems viable alternatives? And if so, what could such models look like?

What role does qualification play and how can different tasks be reflected in payment?

Who has to participate to make it work better in the future?

Develop your company-specific wage model that fits the value creation process and your organization... 

Develop a wage model that suits you!! 
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