Consulting for working time arrangements

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Sustainable working time models

Finding long-term and consensual solutions

In consulting we take into account your operational requirements as well as labour law, the latest scientific findings with regard to ergonomic shift work design and employee preferences. We guide you through the complexity and help you to find suitable working time models, shift plans or flexitime agreements. 

Would you like to work on topics yourself? In the XIMES Academy, we offer extensive qualification and further training opportunities in the areas of working hours, personnel requirements and wages and salaries. 

XIMES Consulting on working hours

Shift Work

Optimising shift schedules for all scenarios - from continuous operations to flexible shift schedules


Training and consulting on introducing flexitime, including drafting agreements

Flexible Working Hours

As a win-win-solution for companies and employees

Planning Reserves

to have a plan on how to handle absences and lost time of employees

On-Call / Stand-by Duties

Analyse work and non-work periods, and improve shift scheduling for on-call or stand-by duties

Qualification and Courses

Seminars, courses and events about working hours and shift work in the XIMES Academy

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