Flexitime in Austria - E-Learning course with certificate

Compact practical knowledge!

Flexitime is a successful model in almost all companies!

However, it does not release employees or employers from well-functioning cooperation, efficient coordination and - most importantly - effective working time and personnel management.

At XIMES, we repeatedly encounter uncertainties in our consulting projects in companies when it comes to arranging appointments or consuming time compensation. The assessment of which times are really overtime or the correct integration of part-time staff are also among the challenges.

XIMES has now developed the first comprehensive e-learning flextime course (for Austria)! For beginners and professionals, but also for in-house training to stabilize a uniform understanding.

Got curious? - Then let us take you for five minutes into the world of flexitime with this entertaining film!


Practical examples & theory

Concrete practical examples as well as a playful and at the same time user-friendly interface present the sometimes technically complex questions in an understandable way. With this innovative range of courses, we offer you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the complex subject of flexitime in a structured way and to gain important knowledge. 

E-Learning for you at your pace

The e-learning course is aimed both at companies that already have flexitime and those that want to introduce it. It is an ideal knowledge enhancement for HR, works councils, managers and employees..   

Learning at times that are optimal for you!

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Flexitime knowledge for practice

Learning at your time

  • Contents:

    • Overview of the

    • Paragraph jungle:What needs to be legally regulated?  

    • Control: What can help you with control?

    • Risk and potential flow: How can risks be avoided and potentials be raised?

    • Learn from the questions of others and ask your individual questions.

    E-Learning mit Zertifikat

    480 Euro per person excl. VAT.

    Maßgeschneiderte Lösungen

    Für Ihre Vereinbarung!

        • Adaptation of the online course to the agreements applicable to your company in order to answer your specific questions and "make everyone speak the same language".
        • Support in drafting and negotiating works agreements
        • Individual branding of the course
        • Choice of content and technical support for your participants 
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