Flexible working hours

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How much flexibility do we need? Do we still have to plan...?

Many talk about it, sometimes the conversations about it become very emotional, and often one finds oneself in almost "philosophical" seeming "faith discussions"...

Flexibility is often understood in very different ways and is often equated with the idea of a lack of planning, or that everything must remain permanently variable, especially the flexible working hours of employees.

However, consulting practice often shows that good flexibility requires very careful control. Only businesses who know their detailed specific requirements can find solutions that are acceptable and legally possible for the employees.

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Consulting for sustainable flexibility 

Calculate staffing requirements and variability

  • Which special requirements arise from demand (customer/market)?

  • Which temporal structure can be recognized, which time horizon is needed for planning?

  • Which demand drivers can be identified?

  • How much fluctuation can be measured or expected? 

  Designing flexibility instruments

  • Which design perspectives can be found?

  • What kind of flexible working time models can be useful and what other instruments are needed (temporary staff, temporary outsourcing, etc.)?

  • In which legal framework do the solutions have to be found?

  • How to design control process? 

  Implementation and controlling 

  • Involvement of all affected parties and stakeholders

  • Concrete design of the model and the rules required for it (including the necessary legal agreements)

  • Securing the supporting administrative tools

  • Creation of the necessary controlling instruments (incl. reporting and work hour / performance controlling) 

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