[TIS] Prognos - Forecasting with precision

Increase the accuracy of your demand forecasts and improve your business planning!

How can forecasting models be improved?

A glimpse into the glass ball - or would you prefer a statistically verified, data-based forecast? 

With our special software [TIS] Prognos, we support you in filtering out the decisive influencing factors and demand drivers as well as in forecasting personnel requirements. A reliable forecasting solution is a central prerequisite for professional business and personnel planning. Required working hours are calculated per time interval and qualification based on e.g. calls, customer numbers, sales, accidents, assignments, etc. [TIS] Prognos allows continuous learning: The quality and data of earlier forecasts flow into the improvement of the next.

The results are tangible: the reduction of overload and overcapacity - enough staff in the right place at the right time.

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Basic understanding

[TIS] Prognos is a software specially developed by us that evaluates data on demand drivers (calls, sales, customer numbers, etc.) and uses them to forecast demand.

[TIS] Prognos also "understands" the social time - the system "thinks" in weeks, years, events - thus the predicted results are significantly better. Short as well as long and seasonal data patterns can be mapped. 

Alternative forecasting techniques can be systematically compared to select, adjust and continuously improve the best forecasting model.

Application examples

  • More targeted budget planning. 

  • Avoidance of surplus/shortfall cover.

  • Detection of seasonal fluctuations.

  • Consideration of marketing actions.

  • Prediction of underground demand through to annual planning.

  • Ongoing evaluation of forecasts.

Classical application possibilities arise, for example, in logistics, aircraft handling, call centers or many other service areas.

Since the influencing variables and models can be mapped specifically for each department, precise models are also created for very different areas.


In contrast to normal forecasts, [TIS] Prognos additionally integrates social aspects and takes these into account in a variety of ways through calendars, annual cycles, etc. However, planners can also use a variety of intervention and testing options.

The result of the forecast can be transferred directly to a personnel deployment planning software. The plan and target can then be compared with each other via interfaces. 

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