Conversion of wage and salary systems

Calculation tools for collective and collective agreements provide security

What does what? Which set screws can be turned?

Understanding relationships, avoiding traps, identifying opportunities 

The conversions from internal and inter-company systems to wage and salary determination are rarely touched - they are difficult and their long-term effects are often underestimated.

We support the process of estimating expected income developments and the resulting costs - comprehensibly and in detail. Not a "vague" global estimate, but a clean model helps to understand interrelationships. 

Many projects have led to the development of methods and corresponding technology that take into account the dynamics of negotiations as well as traceability - arithmetic instead of conjecture...!

No matter if you want to do your own calculations or if you want us to be your "arithmetic servants" - the tools help with the concrete design and also the formulation of the contract texts becomes easier if the calculation methods are clear.

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