Course Working Time Management (AZM)

Get all the knowledge you need about working time organisation, including software support, into your company!

The aim of good working time management is to support working time and resource planning. Just as in the areas of logistics and materials management, professional planning is the central prerequisite for cost-efficient and legally correct handling. Company policy, change management, employee wishes and ergonomics must also be taken into account. Proven and innovative methods and approaches exist on the basis of well-founded scientifically investigated and practically applied findings. These are taught in the course. In concrete terms, participants - since 1998 - have been trained to become in-house experts and supervisors of working time projects, who can also be deployed across company boundaries, and have been supported in the implementation of these projects. You will complete the 15-day course as a „Certified Working Time Manager".


Requirements  none     Minimum number of participants 3  participants


                    Goal: To impart the central competences for internal working time counselling 

                    Determination of personnel requirements and optimal operating time

                    Needs-based and ergonomic services and working time models: optimisation of performance, costs and requirements on the part of customers and employees

                    Successful implementation of working time changes: Control of change processes

                              The structure of the course


                              Software training

                              6 days

                              Add-on modules

                              2 days

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