Performance-related remuneration

Our payment is based on performance - quickly put, but what does it actually mean...?

"At our company, performance is the focus of payment" - how this can be achieved in practice...

What does an organisation actually mean by performance and how can it be "measured"? How do task contents and qualification play into the considerations of payment? What significance do wages and salaries have compared to a premium or a bonus? Another interesting question is surely: Whose performance is actually the focus of the considerations? That of an individual, or that of a team or department? And most importantly, how do employees and managers cope with the concept? Does it fit in with the leadership and corporate culture?

 What matters, if you want to deal with it...

Lay the groundwork 

  • Analysis of the initial situation

  • Clarification of goals and expectations for performance-related pay or variable remuneration

  • Definition of the organisational and economic framework

  • Clarify participants, affected persons and their roles

Develop remuneration concept 

  • Selection of the appropriate basic model, e.g. performance bonuses, bonus systems, coupling of salary and performance

  • Definition of the main criteria and control system 

  • Development of calculation and evaluation rules

  • comprehensive simulations 

Professional implementation

  • project-based processing

  • realistic timing

  • secure the legal framework

  • create administrative conditions

  • Information and training for all stakeholders (employees and managers) 

  • Who strives for a possible change?

  • What are the reasons for a redesign? What disturbs the current payment system?

  • Do you want to change the payment of individual groups of people, or do you need an "overall concept"? 

Was wir zu Ihrem Projekt beitragen können?

  • professional support

  • Moderation of workshops for the development of your customized payment system

  • Simulation calculations to estimate the economic impact of possible changes

  • Accompaniment and support in the overall process

  • comprehensive and comprehensible documentation

  • Software at a fee

Coordinate remuneration models with performance!
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