Software developed by XIMES: The Operating Hours Assistant (OPA)

Calculate personnel requirements professionally and quickly

Suitable services for every need in the shortest time!

Working time management is aimed at systematically matching personnel requirements with the personnel capacity deployed. For this purpose, the need for seasons, fluctuating workload, qualifications, ... must be easy to present and discuss since often a negotiation process is required. On the other hand, there are varieties of working hours and staffing levels of how to cover demand in the best possible way, depending on legal requirements (e.g. maximum lengths for services), ergonomics (e.g. earliest possible start of service, average number of working days per week), administration (e.g. number of different types of service) and the minimisation of over- and under-coverage for the purpose of economic efficiency.   

How does XIMES OPA support you?

XIMES OPA is the standard software for calculating personnel requirements and suitable services:

  • Easy to analyze and optimize needs and processes

  • Define or generate services and staffing levels

  • Calculate reserve and personnel requirements


Operating Hours Assistant: Get to know the most important features in 5 minutes (German)!


The Operating Hours Assistant software calculates quickly!


A Senior Consultant will introduce you to all the functions of the OPA!

OPA - Training package

Use the XIMES OPA to cover your needs. 

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Our offers

Test license incl. e-learning


  € 480 .-

per single user license for 4 weeks
  • Test license for 4 weeks
  • 1 day e-learning:
    Getting to know the functions and exercise examples  
  • No purchase obligation

Planning workshop

Benefit from our experience and the XIMES OPA 


per consultation day
  • Session-Workshop with 1 consultant
  • Optimization of demand coverage / service design according to your requirements
  • Calculation of personnel and reserve requirements
  • comprehensive documentation

Software purchase

XIMES OPA - Operating Hours Assistant


per single user license
  • additionally recommended: Software training consisting of 1 day e-learning + 2 days class training (for dates see events)
  • For an interface device we offer you gladly a price according to your requirements
  • plus maintenance/update contract (€ 105,- monthly)
Calculate your personnel demand professionally!
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                      Data can be exchanged between the OPA (Operating Hours Assistant) and the SPA (Shift Plan Assistant). Data can be placed in the OPA using copy and paste from Excel tables.