Calculate personnel requirements in stores 

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How many personnel hours per week should a branch have at its disposal? 

This is a critical issue in many retail stores: 

  • Employees feel treated unfairly because "their special situation" is not taken into account or the "loudest ones" win. 

  • Simple systems (e.g. per customer or per ... € so many minutes) actually neglect these factors. 

  • Complex and difficult-to-maintain systems deter with their complexity and inscrutability. 

  • At the same time, overly tight schedules lead to lost revenue, while overly high schedules lead to unnecessary costs.

The solution: Rather calculate than argue

There is a simple way to answer this critical question: Retail Analytics for staffing needs with the hourly budget calculator.  The hourly budget calculator; 

  • uses existing cash, turnover, .... Data and 

  • calculates optimal and comprehensible hourly budgets for all branches.

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Distribute budgets appropriately among branches! 
Our experience in this field allows us to implement the project quickly. 

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