Software customers

a selection

Bayerische Papierverbände e.V. ; Munich (Germany) 

B. Braun Melsungen AG; Melsungen (Germany) 

BILLA AG; Wiener Neudorf (Austria) 

Boehringer Ingelheim RCV GmbH & Co KG; Vienna (Austria) 

Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH; Vienna (Austria) 

Fernwärme Wien GmbH; Vienna (Austria) 

Georgsmarienhütte GmbH; Georgsmarienhütte (Germany) 

Institute for Applied Work Science; Düsseldorf (Germany) 

Märkische Kliniken GmbH; Lüdenscheid (Germany) 

Merck KgaA; Darmstadt (Germany) 

NOVARTIS Pharma AG; Basel (Switzerland) 

Schmiedewerke Gröditz GmbH; Gröditz (Germany)

Stähler Logistik GmbH; Elz (Germany) 

Südwestmetall - Verband der Metall- und Elektroindustrie Baden-Württemberg e.V.; Stuttgart (Germany) 

voestalpine Personal Services GmbH; Linz (Austria) 

Vienna Adult Education Centres; Vienna (Austria)

Examples from consulting

In contrast to the sale of software products, consulting is a very delicate process. Trust is the most important capital for the successful completion of a working time management project. XIMES' consulting clients attach great importance to discretion.

For the project reports accessible below, we have obtained the consent of the respective customers for publication. The cases are partly shortened, alienated or anonymized.

The list of consulting projects is sorted by industry. The case studies show examples of the areas in which XIMES provides successful consulting work and how the consulting typically proceeds.

We cordially invite you to download the project descriptions and browse through them!

Growing Shift Plans

Raiffeisen Computer Science

A great place to Work

Continuous operation in heavy industry

Airport fuelling company

Aligning demand and working hours

Peak-load power plant

Getting fluctuations in personnel requirements of up to 400% under control

Home nursing

Lower Austria Volkshilfe

From personnel requirements to shift schedules

Working time organization at Merck KGaA Darmstadt

Full-time and part-time in a shift schedule

sService Center

Smart activity analysis for the Wilhelminenspital

Eine smart-phone-Basierte Aufgabenanalyse


New working time models for the Vorarlberg regional hospitals

To read the articles from the magazine: "Luag a! The Magazine of the Vorarlberg State Hospitals", Summer/Autumn 2015 Issue