Reserve planning

How can you deal with predictable and short-term absences?

Planning absences - is that even possible...? 

Every work scheduler knows the problem: the duty schedule is set, all important aspects and requirements are fulfilled and the employees are satisfied. But then - a colleague wants to take an extra day off, another has called in sick and then another gets a problem with his sick child ... and suddenly nothing fits anymore! 

So what to do...?

  • Ordering overtime?

  • Not approve the requested leave?

  • Quickly revise the plan and redistribute the work?

Or perhaps use the reserve  personnel that have already been cleverly built into the duty roster? We support you with our expert knowledge from consulting as well as with special software solutions!



Consulting services for your reserve planning:

  Determine reserve requirements

  Develop coverage models

  • What solutions and working time models can be found to cover absences? 

  • What can be clarified within the division and where may external help be needed? 

  • How could flexible reserve personnel be planned?

  • The XIMES SPA - Shift Plan Assistant makes it easy to create and compare shift plans with reserve shifts and personnel!

Plan implementation

  • Formalize the working time / reserve model and communicate it well

  • Ensure administrative implementation (especially in billing)

  • Evaluate first experiences and adapt model if necessary

  • You can find out more about our approach to the development and design of working time models on our website and in our books and articles.

  • Let us train you as a working time manager! More at
    XIMES Academy

  • How will employees and their representatives (works council) come to terms with the model?

  • How are the individual components of your reserve concept presented administratively?

  • How will you be able to measure the success of your reserve concept after a few months? 

Manage the long & short-term reserves! 
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