Shift Work and Scheduling

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Flexibility, law, ergonomics, the wishes of the workforce - can all be reconciled?

 How do I optimally cover my needs? How do I build in flexibility  without putting too much strain on the employees? How do I take qualifications into account? How can good shift scheduling avoid conflicts?

These and other questions are often difficult to answer without expert knowledge. Take advantage of our over 20 years of  experience! aus über 20 Jahren! Whether it is the extension of operating times, changes in operational requirements or very flexible and constantly changing customer requirements - we support you in the design of shift schedules that suit your needs, take the interests of the employees into account and are based on the latest ergonomic findings on shift work.


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    Our Approach

    We work with you to develop solutions that are accepted by everyone and sustainable. Thereby, we deal with tension between different fields:

    • Operational needs and costs  

    • Consideration of labour science findings and recommendations on the organisation of working time

    • Wishes and interests of employees

    • Legal framework, e.g. Working Hours Act, Collective Agreements / Collective Agreements

    For a functioning process, all participants are involved, e.g. management, staff representatives, employees, shift planners, ... 


    Based on the actual situation analysis, demand calculation  and shifts/services (often designed with theXIMES OPA - Operating Hours Assistant), a framework is developed that is as stable as possible and at the same time addresses all eventualities.

    The key questions are:

    • How do you optimise cover of demand with early shifts, day shifts, late shifts, etc.? 

    • When should how many people come in?

    • Are there any fluctuations, and if so, which ones?

    • What is an acceptable personnel under- or over-coverage compared to my expected needs?

    The XIMES software tools [TIS], [OPA] and[SPA]are used in this process at different points.


    Our experienced consultants support you in the development and evaluation of various working time models and shift schedules. 

    With our workshop sessions , concentrated and result-oriented cooperation is particularly successful. 

    The participation-oriented approach forms a good foundation for informed decisions.

    Due to the close integration of science and practice,  current findings  are included in shift scheduling.You can rely on our professional project management, thorough documentation of meetings and agendas as well as quantitative and qualitative controls.

    • Is there sufficient experience and know-how in your organization with such projects? 

    • Can the issue possibly trigger tensions and conflicts? 

    • Does a good balance of interests possibly require external moderation?

    There is no standard duration. Changing working times is a longer process, which can take a year or longer if different options are thoroughly analysed and evaluated. 

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