Software developed by XIMES: The Shift Plan Assistant (SPA)

The software for duty scheduling and shift planning - even under complex requirements

Good shift plans have a positive effect on health and plan quality and reduce the planning effort!

With the software XIMES Shift Plan Assistant, various working time models can be played through in the shortest possible time. At the push of a button, legal requirements, ergonomic recommendations, employee wishes or even costs can be checked.

Due to the speed of the calculations and checks, this software can be used particularly well in working groups involving employers and employees for the joint development of shift or duty roster models.

ATTENTION: This tool is NOT a software for personnel resource planning (PEP-Tool)! However, there is the possibility to print out created plans via Excel or to pass them on to PEP-Tools (see list below under "Interfaces").



The software XIMES Shift Plan Assistant: easy development and verification of shift plans / duty rosters!


At the push of a button, work and leisure sequences can be created, evaluated and checked.

The most important functions of the software XIMES Shift Plan Assistant

Building consensus on working time models

Shift schedules / duty rosters / master schedules for homogeneous groups ... if persons are to be distributed to groups with the same planned weekly working hours

Shift schedules / duty rosters / master schedules for complex groups ... if full-time and part-time employees are to be mixed or if special consideration is to be given to certain qualifications

Shift schedules / duty rosters / master schedules including on-call duty ... if on-call duty (both stand-by and on-call duty) is to be considered

Shift plans / duty rosters / master schedules including reserve ... if a working time model is to be planned in which substitutions for absences or peak demand are to be stored (e.g. Springer groups, substitutions within the own group, flexible reserve shifts, ...)

Shift schedules / duty rosters / master schedules for flexibility requirements and  (seasonally) fluctuating requirements ... if the same master schedule is not always used. Two or more plans can be linked!

with shift plans / duty rosters / framework plans checked for law and ergonomics ... if plans drawn up are to be checked for legal requirements and findings from the field of ergonomics

with shift plans / duty rosters / framework plans estimated on the basis of costs or individual remuneration ... if it is to be estimated what plans cost


  • Highly automated support for the development of shift and frame shift plans 

  • Optimized plans regarding reserve planning, flexibility planning, holidays, fairness, costs, ...  

  • Examination of framework plans on the basis of the current legal situation 

  • Evaluation of plans according to labour science findings and recommendations on shift work (e.g. ergonomics) and the Working Hours Act

  • Easy to learn thanks to intuitive user interface 

  • Continuous further development for more than 20 years

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Our offers

Test license incl. e-learning

Try the XIMES SPA - Shift Plan Assistant

  € 480.-

per single user license for 4 weeks
  • Test license for 4 weeks
  • 1 day e-learning:
    Getting to know the functions and exercise examples  
  • No purchase obligation

Planning workshop

Take advantage of our experience and the XIMES SPA 


per consulting day
  • Session-Workshop with 1 consultant
  • Development of shift plans / duty rosters according to your requirements
  • Examination of law, coverage, costs, ergonomics
  • comprehensive documentation

Software purchase

XIMES SPA - Shift Plan Assistant


per single user license
  • additionally recommended: Software training consisting of 1 day e-learning + 2 days class training (for dates see events)
  • For interface programming we are happy to offer a price according to requirements
  • plus maintenance/update contract (€ 105,- monthly)

Price excl. tax.

Our events for shift plan assistants and shift planning:

Web-Demo of the SPA

A Senior Consultant will introduce you to all functions of the SPA!

Working time models

develop professionally

Create your own shift plans as part of a seminar.

SPA - Training package

Use the SPA for the development of your shift plans.

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