Why Software from XIMES?

Simply solve difficult questions better!


Working time - Personnel requirements - Wages & salaries  

Our software facilitates the development and evaluation of alternatives and planning approaches.

Our software is used by many internal and external consultants, trade unions and employers' associations.

We don't have "one system" to make everyone happy, but are looking for suitable solutions - flexibility and adaptability are accordingly part of our central goals.

We use and develop special procedures and consulting methods adapted to the complexity and minimization of conflict risks. We always try to consider economic efficiency, ergonomics, law and the wishes of the parties involved.

Depending on the situation and preference we offer:

  • Software as license

  • Software for rent

  • Software as a Service

Our software products at a glance

#Shift/shift schedules XIMES SPA
#Determine personnel requirements XIMES OPA
#time intelligence TIS 6.0
#Smart activity analysis activity analyses
#Staff requirements Branches hourly bugdet calculator
#forecasting forecast
#personnel requirement analysis TIS Analyzer
#personnel requirement planning annual planning
#Keeping an eye on working hoursworking time controlling
#Tailor-made solutionsSoftware Remuneration
#personnel requirement calculation TIS Demand
#Measurement of utilisation on-call duties
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