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What makes Qmetrix useful?

While other systems need to be installed on ceilings or walls and meters of wires need to be fed, most Qmetrix components are wireless and just need to be put in the right place.

All Qmetrix data is stored to a database in near real-time. This is why Qmetrix serves for real-time queue monitoring, as a planning aid and as a perfect reporting tool.

Customer View

  • "Clear and easy to see who is next – no stress."

  • "Information gives peace of mind - or need for action."
  • "Perceived waiting time is reduced to actual."
  • "I can find a faster lane (if dynamic sinage)."

Staff View

  • "I am in control of the process, no yelling and jumping."
  • "It’s fair to the team, work is distributed evenly."
  • "I can see, when my passenger arrives."
  • "Data driven debriefing - Team can analyze/improve."

Management View

The situation at the end of a queue is often confusing for customers. Normally it takes some time till the customer recognises an available counter. This time reduces your productivity and costs a lot of money.

Increasing Productivity easily

A proactive system that guide customers to the next available counter or desk reduce the waiting time for your employees between two transactions. This idle time reduces the service quality and your productivity.

In one of the first Qmetrix projects a check-in queue was equipped with a monitor showing the next available counter. Additionally an acoustical signal was installed. The result was that the productivity of the whole check-in process increased by 20-25%.


Live Information about your Waiting Queues

Qmetrix allows a 24/7 information about queueing levels and waiting time in waiting queues. That gives the opportunity to allocated staff on time to the counters behind the queue.

This information is delivered to the Qmetrix Q-Board - a web based dashboard - or can easily be integrated into GroundStar Realtime.


Measuring your Queue

Qmetrix collects all available data of your queue. Depending on the chosen components it is possible to measure the following data:

  • Number of passengers
  • Queue length
  • Waiting time
  • Number of transactions
  • Handling time/Service time
  • Number of occupied counters/desks
  • Service Level

All relevant figures are available over the Q-Board, a web based dashboard. So it is available 24/7 in airport information systems, on a homepage or on mobile phones.

Actual Based Planning

The figures about customers accessing to the queue are one of the most valuable figures within Qmetrix. Together with calendar data, such as weekdays, month and bank holidays, a sophisticated regression analysis predicts the number of arriving passengers in the future on a 5 minute basis. The statistical error lies below 15 percent

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