• Introduction

A quick guide to Qmetrix

Welcome to the world of Qmetrix. We are making a simple, easy to deploy system to measure, monitor and manage your waiting queues.

The core of our system is a completely wireless counting sensor (the WQS wireless queue sensor) which counts and records the number of passengers passing the sensor over time 24 x 7. This alone is already a benefit in a lot of situations.

By combining several sensors, it is possible to measure queue length, queue layout, waiting time, service rates and access rates. Almost everything you need to know about your actual queue status and the future behavior.

By adding what we call the "Counter Component" (PAX caller, a dispatching monitor and counter signal lights), you, your staff and your customers can benefit from a much more organised and productive service process.

And last but not least, by implementing our system, you can actually measure your improvements!